Bitrix24 Pricing vs QuickBase Pricing Analysis 

Bitrix24 Pricing vs QuickBase Pricing Analysis 

The hype of project management solutions has taken a plunge in the past few years. They are more in demand, and this competition has led to the conception of cost-effective solutions. No more running after hefty project management platforms. Here we will present to you a fair Bitrix24 pricing vs QuickBase pricing comparison.  

If you are in this field for some time now you might already know people refer to QuickBase as an overpriced solution. As for Bitrix24, it is one affordable solution that comes at a meager price. There’s nothing wrong with investing in a low-priced solution if it is loaded with enticing specs and functionalities. And Bitrix 24 is one such solution, as per the reviews.  

We will uncover the fine details in this Bitrix24 Pricing vs QuickBase pricing, conducting a review overview, and much more. After going through the pricing insights, one feels the urge to see the vendor in real-time settings. You have to set up a demo with Bitrix 24 and QuickBase software for that purpose. Setting up a demo with Bitrix24 and QuickBase is something you have to do by yourself.  

Enough with the side talk. Let’s begin the thorough Bitrix24 pricing vs QuickBase pricing analysis.   

The Pricing Tiers of Bitrix 24 

Bitrix24 pricing features tiers to allow users to choose the plan they deem fit. In this context, it offers monthly, three-month, and annual price tiers. Here’s the catch, the annual tier comes with a 20% discount these days.  

The Free Plan: 

Bitrix24 takes pride in featuring a free forever plan for unlimited users. It is equipped with impeccable specs that only pricey solutions offer. With 5GB storage, the services included in the free pricing plan of Bitrix24 are: 

  • One-on-one chats 
  • Public and private chats 
  • Channels 
  • One-click video call from the task, calendar, or chat 
  • Encryption 
  • Calendar 
  • Video conferencing up to 48 people 
  • Company social network 
  • Feed 
  • Workgroups 
  • Workgroups/projects with external users (extranet) 
  • Appreciation badges 
  • Video announcement 
  • Post view indicator 
  • Email to post 
  • Company knowledge base 1 
  • Task status summary 
  • Task time tracking (manual) 
  • Chats and video calls with Task participants 
  • Task to email 
  • Subtasks 
  • Checklists 
  • Reminders 
  • Recycle bin 
  • List 
  • Project Kanban 
  • Planner 
  • Deadlines 
  • Task dependencies 5 
  • Calendar 
  • The reason for penning down this feature list is to reveal to you that even free pricing bundles of Bitrix24 are comprehensive enough to beat other vendors in the market. So you can avail yourself of a series of benefits without spending a penny. And getting something for free in this challenging time is a chef’s kiss.  

Other Pricing Bundles: 

Aside from the free plan, Bitrix24 offers four more pricing packages. Here are the details: 

Basic Plan: It’s for five users and costs $49/month, priced annually. It is effective for small salesforce teams.  

Standard Plan: It works best for 50 users and is equipped with advanced functionalities for mid-sized companies. It costs $99/month annually.  

Professional Plan: It is for up to 100 users seeking business automation services and costs $99/month, priced annually.  

Enterprise: The enterprise plan is for global organizations. Its price details are shared on request.  

Bitrix Price From the user’s Perspective: 

In the user’s opinion, Bitrix24 is as light as a feather. All the reviews of Bitrix24 comprise the price element, with clients praising it for providing low-cost yet feature-rich budget plans. Users from an array of verticals can implement this comprehensive solution for agile project management. The Bitrix24 reviews suggest that its look-alike audience search module is out of this world. It is available in upgraded plan versions and thus makes the business investment worth it.  

The Agility of QuickBase 

QuickBase is an agile software whose pricing models reflect its agile interface. The vendor practices endless flexibility and tries best not to box the clients in. Let’s see if the pricing bundles of QuickBase focus on operational agility or not.  

Licensing Options: 

QuickBase offers two types of pricing licenses: user-based and usage-based. Both are per-user license options and enable teams to hit the ground effectively. Usage-based license is highly adaptable and affordably supports the operational needs of businesses with added flexibility. User-based is a fixed-price model that offers uniform services for all.  

Where QuickBook Lags? 

The QuickBase solution faces criticism for its exorbitant nature. This robust platform may be rich in features, but it lacks the affordability element. A point of consideration in this Bitrix24 pricing vs QuickBase pricing comparison is the latter doesn’t facilitate clients with any free plan. There are no free versions, but there is a 30-day free trial.  

Exorbitant Nature: 

Small and medium-scale businesses avoid QuickBase for its pricey nature. The software is so costly that most users don’t even recommend it. Instead, its plans are created just for large-scale and enterprise trade organizations that gain handsome profits monthly. Following is the price range of all three plans of this no-code platform: 

Teams This plan is priced at $600/month priced annually and offers services for growing groups.  

Business: This plan is priced at $2000/month prices annually and works well for companies seeking advanced controls.  

Enterprise: This plan is fully customizable and works for interconnected use cases. 

The Justification For Hefty Price Tag: 

According to the reviews, QuickBase is unable to justify its hefty price tag. Even the vendor’s features don’t make up for it. It is mentioned in the reviews that QuickBase offers high-end workflow automation, mobile-ready applications, and audit logs. But still, this doesn’t make up for its cost structure. As per the reviews given by enterprise-scale organizations, the data warehouse integrations of QuickBase are awe-inspiring. But there are no options available for low-scale businesses.  

The Ending Ment: 

It is loud and clear in this Bitrix pricing vs QQuickBase pricing comparison that Bitrix24 is hundred fold more affordable than QuickBase. QuickBase is, without a doubt, a solution of high potential, but it doesn’t cover the needs of all-sized businesses. It is just an enterprise-wide solution that focuses on an array of verticals in the business field. On the other hand, Bitrix24 is a simplistic solution that offers all a business needs without putting financial pressure on them. Explore the demo of Bitrix24 and QuickBooks to see how they work out for your firm.  

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