How to download a photo from Instagram?

How to download a photo from Instagram?

What photos can we find on Instagram? 

Instagram is invariably one of the most popular social networking sites, full of beautiful, sometimes even artistic photos. They gain a unique character, e.g. thanks to unique, predefined filters. But not only. Thanks to the quick possibility of publishing original, sometimes spontaneous photos, this platform has become primarily a kind of diary that stores the most important moments from the lives of its users. 

On the other hand, it is no secret that Instagram provides a platform for promoting personal brands and developing business. Therefore, there are a lot of graphics with information, sentences and pictures that carry individual value. 

Effect? The photos scrolling through Instagram are very attractive and inspiring, and therefore many of us would like to keep some of them permanently, without having to return to a specific post each time. Below we explain how to do this. 

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Is it possible to save photos from IG?  

Instagram as an application does not provide a direct option to save photos – neither from our account nor from the account of other users. But does that mean you can’t actually download these photos? Not at all. 

There are several proven ways that will allow you to efficiently save selected photos from IG in the phone’s memory and enjoy them at any time. It is worth remembering, however, that while the case with photos from our profile is simple, in the case of photos from other accounts, the issue of copyright “bows”. 

What is it actually about? According to the regulations, just downloading a photo (from a public profile) is legal as long as it is for personal use. The problem arises when we want to make such a photo available to a wider audience or use it commercially, e.g. to promote our own brand. Simply put, all activities related to the processing and subsequent sharing of this material must take place with the direct consent of the author and on his terms (usually financial). 

How to download a photo from Instagram? Apps 

Many people, wanting to save a photo from IG, decide to take traditional screenshots. This method is popular, mainly because it is fast and widely available – it is based on the built-in function of the smartphone, omitting additional programs. 

Remember, however, that this is not exactly downloading the photo, but only saving the screenshot, which will be saved on the phone in its entirety. This means that if we want to have only a photo at our disposal, it will be necessary to use the appropriate tools and process such a screen. 

The most popular method of downloading photos from IG to a smartphone are dedicated applications prepared by third parties. Their indisputable advantage is a simple interface, quick effect and general availability – usually they are free programs. 

Among the market offer, we will find a lot of applications for downloading photos from Instagram for both Android phones and iPhones. Interestingly, in addition to Instagram, we can also copy content from websites such as TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud or Vimeo. Many of these proposals can also download not only photos, but also entire albums, videos and even rolls.   

Here are some sample suggestions:

  • FastSave (Android, iOS)
  • Downloader for Instagram (Android)
  • Snapinsta (Android)
  • InSave: IG Reels Stories Posts (iOS)
  • InstaSaver (iOS)

Alternative? Websites that are dedicated to downloading Instagram photos to PC. Here everything is done by copying the link to the photo from IG, and then pasting it in the place indicated on the dedicated page. Such a link can be downloaded by clicking on the three dots symbol above the photo that interests us, and then selecting the “copy link” command. 

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Examples of websites that will allow you to download a photo from IG:


It is worth knowing that, as in the case of applications, most of these websites allow you to download not only photos, but also other photo/video materials posted on social networking sites. 

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