What Is a CBSE School?

What Is a CBSE School?

A CBSE school is one that follows a set of curriculum and provides the students with the proper training. Depending on where you live, you can find a variety of schools that are affiliated with this educational system.


The CBSE School Curriculum aims to develop interpersonal, communication, critical thinking and collaboration skills in students. It also promotes the moral and spiritual development of the students. These skills are important for lifelong learning.

The syllabus of the CBSE is based on the National Curriculum Framework. This framework is updated with the 21st century global trends of education. In addition to the curriculum, there are assessment guidelines and pedagogical practices as well.

The school curriculum emphasizes the building of self-concept and aesthetic sensibilities. Students are also encouraged to build a sense of enterprise. Sportsmanship and community service are emphasized in the school’s curriculum.

The curriculum also includes a wide range of subjects. The subjects included in the syllabus are English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, and Economics. Various subjects are grouped into different classes and the course of study follows the prescribed learning outcomes defined by NCERT.

Affiliation status

Getting CBSE Affiliation is important for running a good quality school. CBSE has a number of criteria to follow when acquiring affiliation. This helps the school raise the academic standards of its students.

The first step is to read the instructions carefully. Fill in the form in the required format and pay the fee in accordance with the norms.

Having a CBSE affiliation means being able to prepare the students for board examinations prescribed by the Board. It is also a requirement for upgrading schools to the senior secondary level.

The next step is to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC). You can get one from your state’s education department. If you are a government-run or government-aided school, you do not have to get a NOC.

The last step is to apply online. Go to the website of the Central Board of Secondary Education and fill in the form. Once you have filled the form, you will be redirected to the next page.

Fee details

A lot of factors have to be considered when deciding on the fee details for a CBSE school. Some of the important ones include the facilities offered by the institute and the curriculum. There are several schools in Bangalore, which follow the CBSE curriculum. The fees for such institutes can range from 80,000 to 4 lakhs.

In order to qualify for admission, applicants must pass an entrance examination. The school will contact shortlisted candidates for further formalities. Those selected will be called for a personal discussion. Those not selected will be disqualified.

It is not unusual for residential schools affiliated to the CBSE to charge thousands of rupees in advance. However, the fees are paid in instalments. They are also subject to late fees. Parents are advised to check the newspapers and school websites regularly for admission announcements.

Teachers training

If you are a teacher in a Central Board of Secondary Education school, then you know how important training is. It is even more essential now that the government has implemented the Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act-2009.

The Central Board of Secondary Education has introduced several training programmes to ensure that all teachers are well-versed in the latest pedagogical techniques. These programmes will enable teachers to better communicate with their classes and understand the needs of their students.

Aside from the usual in-service training, the board will also hold free online sessions for teachers from May 2020. Participants will be able to register for these trainings via the CBSE’s portal.

As per the new National Education Policy, principals and other key staff of schools are required to participate in at least 50 hours of CPD each year. This is an attempt to improve teaching and learning processes and to foster teachers’ professional well-being.

Green school award

A Green School award is one that recognizes schools for promoting eco-friendly practices and a greener future. Schools are selected after an exhaustive audit.

The Green School programme is initiated by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE). It is a program that promotes environmentally-friendly practices. This includes educating students about optimal use of renewable resources, improving their critical thinking skills, and creating awareness about climate change.

Various schools from across the country participated. Some of them were awarded prestigious green schools’ awards. These are based on five sustainability parameters.

One of the best green schools in India was Birla Balika Vidyapeeth, a residential public school for girls located in Pilani, Rajasthan. Another was Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, a school in Hyderabad. Other schools from Rajasthan and Sikkim made it to the top 10.

Several CBSE school in Ahmedabad were also on the list. Among them were BIS, Birla International, and Jubilee Hills Public.


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