8312 Falls Road
Maryland 21209

local: 410.337.3976

Photo Business Cards

Our photo business cards are sold in sets of 25. When setting up your own card, save it as a flattened JPEG: no compression, no layers, 8-bits per channel, RGB mode. We will set up your photo business card for $10.00 — just bring in your photo. We can print your cards on glossy, luster, or metallic paper.

Slide Dupes

We make our slide dupes from 35mm cardboard or plastic mounted slides. The slides are cropped to approximately 95 percent of the original’s image area.

Enlarged Slide Dupes

EPI can enlarge 35mm and 120 transparencies to a 4x5 sized transparency. We can also make copies of 4x5 transparencies. The 4x5s are sandwiched together and exposed, creating a 1:1 copy.

Laminating And Mounting

We offer photo mounting to art board and foam core. Laminating is done using glossy or matte surface materials. This is an outlab service and will add three days to your order.


Please call us at 410-337-3976, or email us at info@ecophotoimaging.com for more information.