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Eco Photo Imaging offers scanning for uses ranging from Internet postings to large format prints. We can scan flat art and film that is 11x17 and smaller. For most professional film scans, we use professional flatbed scanners and the Hasselblad-Imacon virtual drum scanner.

Scan Size Chart

This chart helps determine what size the scan will be on disk and how to scan your film for prints made on the Chromira printer. If your prints are to be printed as inkjets or at other labs, please consult the recommendations for those applications.

Recommended file size and dpi chart for Chromira prints:

Print Size (inches)         File Size (MB) Resolution (in dpi)

5x7                              9.0                               300

8x10                            20.6                              300

8x12                            24.7                              300

11x14                          17.6                              200

11x16                          20.1                              200

16x24                          43.9                              200

20x24                          42.1                              175

20x30                          45                                 175

30x40                          49.4                              120

40x60                          98.9                                90

Canvas & Fine Art Prints

Get professional quality inkjet/giclee prints of your digital images. We create these prints using our Epson 9800 Pro printer, which uses Epson’s K-3 Ultrachrome inks. Choose from three fine-art paper surfaces: Crane Museo Maestro glossy canvas; Moab Entrada 300gsm paper, bright white; and Hahnemuhle German Etching textured paper 310gsm. Canvas prints are available stretched or un-stretched, gallery wrap is also available. With the addition of inkjet/giclee printing, Eco Photo Imaging now offers digital prints on six paper surfaces.

 35mm Film Recording From Digital Files

Eco Photo Imaging offers film recording services. We can make 35mm slides and B&W negatives from your digital files. Save your file as a .tif in RGB mode (even if the file is a B&W image). Flatten layers and discard any additional channels. We recommend a pixel dimension of 2732x4098 to output a continuous tone 35mm slide or B&W negative. The ideal file size of this tiff image is approximately 32 MB. We can make film recordings from much smaller files, but be aware that this will be an interpolation of the data that will not equal the quality of a high-resolution file. The film recording will display the full image (no cropping).  

Economical Print & Slide Scans

Have a large quantity of prints that need to be archived?  We offer quantity scans of your 8x10 or smaller original photos at a great price - as low as 75 cents per scan and saved to CD.  Find the details in the digital section.  Slides are scanned at 1800 dpi, priced as low as 75 cents per slide, and saved to CD.

Restoration Services

We move and remove mountains, buildings, and people! We can restore color to faded prints or scan and restore color to images from your old negatives, prints, and slides. The restoration process takes about a week to complete. 

We can add text to your image, inside or outside the image or in the border. We’ll even create your photographic business cards from scratch.  

Ask us for a quote! Restoration services are $18.75 per 1/4 hour (minimum).

Color Management

Our computers, printers, and scanners are configured using standardized ICC profiles, which guarantees that digital RGB values are linked to human perceivable colors in an accurate and consistent manner. All digital images that are generated or modified by Eco Photo Imaging contain a device-independent ICC profile so that the color definitions can be carried forward to your system. The embedded profile allows you to view the same colors as seen at EPI, as long as your equipment has been properly calibrated and profiled.

Chromira Printer

We print digital images on our state-of-the-art Chromira 50" LED printer. You will be absolutely amazed at the quality of these prints. The Chromira produces high-resolution continuous digital photographic prints on photographic paper — your choice of three surfaces: matte, glossy, or metallic. We can produce almost any size, including 8"x45" panoramic prints from images stitched together. Resolution Enhancement Technology intensifies the Chromira’s 300 ppi imaging resolution to create a visual resolution of 425 ppi. Some customers are upsizing their digital camera files to 300 dpi for large prints, but that is NOT necessary and will not improve quality for Chromira prints.

  We can print RGB TIFF, JPEG and BMP files on the Chromira. The TIFF files may be either PC or MAC type. Other file types (such as PostScript) must be converted to TIFF.